Ontario Drive Clean – Test and Repair in Mississauga, ON

drivecleanThe Ontario Drive Clean program is a mandatory vehicle emissions testing, inspection and maintenance program. In order to receive and/or renew your vehicle registration and license plates in Ontario, you are required to receive and pass an emissions test. If you are renewing, the Ministry of Transportation will notify you if your vehicle is required to receive an emissions test.

The New Drive Clean Program starting Jan 1, 2013. On Board Diagnostic Testing.

The new test reads the emissions information in your vehicle’s computer. It can detect problems that often lead to poor performance, high emissions or poor fuel economy.

If you have a check engine light on in your car it is an automatic fail for the test. Also if your vehicle does not pass the emissions test, then you are required to take your car in for repair. We invite you to bring your car to Royal Windsor Auto and we will undertake your check engine light diagnosis and also any necessary repair so you can be assured your car will pass registration.

Go to the Drive Clean website for more information.

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